Sunday, August 8, 2010

{dave + katherine = love}

Two years ago, almost to the date, Kat came to visit me at work. We sat up on the rooftop & ate & talked & she told me she wanted to go to Wales to intern for a church there. Say Whaaaat, Katherine?! We were supposed to be American interns together that fall at OUR church - you can't go switching the plan on me! Well, God's plan was a lot bigger than mine. Or Kats. & she met a guy there. I thought maybe she would. And he's a REALLY good guy :) So while she & Dave were getting to know each other overseas, Daniel & I were getting to know each other here. 

We had lots to talk about for our Skype dates.

Last August she came home. With a big ol' rock on her finger. Then began all of the immigration paperwork & getting Dave over here asap. 
He moved to Charlotte from England in May. They were wed yesterday afternoon. It was the very first wedding I've had much participation in other than my own. it was sweet & new & exciting & exhausting. 

These are their engagement photos. They were top secret until the wedding & now you all can finally see them!
We went to Davidson on a Saturday morning to take pictures - Kat, Dave, Daniel & I. Kind of combining a double date + engagement pictures. We both enjoy Dave's british accent. I think Kat must too. Very smooth of you Dave - having an accent like that. Very smooth.

The following several photos were particularly special for Kat. There is a cute little hamburger & shake eatery downtown called 'The Soda Shop'. Kat's grandparents used to go there quite often when they were dating. Awwwww.

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