Friday, April 30, 2010

{chelsea is a senior}

i am so awfully excited about these pictures i am about to show you. 
chelsea is a beatiful, talented girl i met at calvary church. daniel went there for several years before we were married - and so she asked me to take her senior pictures and i replied yes in a heartbeat.

this girl is an amazing sport. she did absolutely anything i told her to. way to go, girl. sitting on the dirty ground and everything...

Aren't her eyes gorgeous!? This is probably one of my favorite. But then, i have lots of favorites :)
this girl is also an amazingly talented musician - i know this firsthand, guys. we found a piano room in robinson right before we left and i snapped a couple pictures of her playing. she wrote this amazing song - oh my word. i thought it was so beautiful i wanted our church to play it and asked her who it was - she was so modest, but it was wonderful wonderful.

Chelsea, thank you for letting me take your senior pictures! I had so much fun with you :)

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Things are about to get very very busy on this little blog of mine. & that is very exciting to me :)
This past Sunday was full of group senior pictures & time with my mom & dad. I'm taking more pictures of them soon - this was just one of a few we snapped really quickly before heading home from beautiful Davidson.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


has awesome seniors.
thats all i'm going to say about that. for now.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

{the meltons}

Lots of fun firsts this beautiful saturday:

*First time I've slept in - in a very long time. I really don't like sleeping in. It makes days seem shorter and less productive, but every couple saturdays is okay, I suppose
*First shoot I've ever done with TWIN baby boys!
*Also, this is the first time i've had absolutely no idea who I was going to be taking pictures for. Jami and I were on a strictly name/email basis. So I've been anticipating this meeting for several weeks. Typically when this happens, I will pop open my facebook and do a handy dandy search... this time though, I was unsuccessful. Lucky for me, John & Jami were easy to spot -- two adorable babies will do that for you :)

John is a big baseball fan - so they asked if we could take pictures at a baseball field. SOOOO glad all of the little league games haven't started up yet. It worked out perfectly :)

Meet John & Jami and the blue-eyed boys in their lives -- Max & Jackson. I cannot tell you which is which in these pictures. I tried so hard to keep track...

Okay, just take a gander at this boys beautiful eyes! Agggghhhh. I melt. I think this is Max? 

John & Jami did so great with their babies. They were starting to get tired & - dare I say it? A little fussy from being out in the sun. Who can blame them, though? This heat - as glorious as it is, has been wearing me out, too! Little sweetie on the left is asleep in daddy's arms...

Thus ends a beautiful Saturday afternoon :)