Saturday, April 3, 2010

{the meltons}

Lots of fun firsts this beautiful saturday:

*First time I've slept in - in a very long time. I really don't like sleeping in. It makes days seem shorter and less productive, but every couple saturdays is okay, I suppose
*First shoot I've ever done with TWIN baby boys!
*Also, this is the first time i've had absolutely no idea who I was going to be taking pictures for. Jami and I were on a strictly name/email basis. So I've been anticipating this meeting for several weeks. Typically when this happens, I will pop open my facebook and do a handy dandy search... this time though, I was unsuccessful. Lucky for me, John & Jami were easy to spot -- two adorable babies will do that for you :)

John is a big baseball fan - so they asked if we could take pictures at a baseball field. SOOOO glad all of the little league games haven't started up yet. It worked out perfectly :)

Meet John & Jami and the blue-eyed boys in their lives -- Max & Jackson. I cannot tell you which is which in these pictures. I tried so hard to keep track...

Okay, just take a gander at this boys beautiful eyes! Agggghhhh. I melt. I think this is Max? 

John & Jami did so great with their babies. They were starting to get tired & - dare I say it? A little fussy from being out in the sun. Who can blame them, though? This heat - as glorious as it is, has been wearing me out, too! Little sweetie on the left is asleep in daddy's arms...

Thus ends a beautiful Saturday afternoon :)


  1. great pictures mindy! adorable babies.

  2. Weren't CJ and Avery the first twins you photographed? :) Great pictures! Babies are so fun :)

  3. are totally right Emily. I'm surrounded by more than i thought :)