Friday, April 30, 2010

{chelsea is a senior}

i am so awfully excited about these pictures i am about to show you. 
chelsea is a beatiful, talented girl i met at calvary church. daniel went there for several years before we were married - and so she asked me to take her senior pictures and i replied yes in a heartbeat.

this girl is an amazing sport. she did absolutely anything i told her to. way to go, girl. sitting on the dirty ground and everything...

Aren't her eyes gorgeous!? This is probably one of my favorite. But then, i have lots of favorites :)
this girl is also an amazingly talented musician - i know this firsthand, guys. we found a piano room in robinson right before we left and i snapped a couple pictures of her playing. she wrote this amazing song - oh my word. i thought it was so beautiful i wanted our church to play it and asked her who it was - she was so modest, but it was wonderful wonderful.

Chelsea, thank you for letting me take your senior pictures! I had so much fun with you :)


  1. These are amazing!!! Great job dear!!

  2. Awww...Chelsea IS a beautiful young woman, inside and out!! You did a superb job Mindy capturing that...her blue eyes are indeed gorgeous :))

  3. those are simply lovely pix!! she's so cute =D
    gerrrrrrrr8 job miss mindy!!!!