Friday, August 13, 2010

Si Si & Elyse.

Looking at these pictures makes me want to be on our Coleman Family beach trip right now…
These are more pictures of my niece & nephew. & SIL ;)

Daniel loves this picture (below). It is not an accurate representation of the Klein family. Andy is not in it, for one. But theres something about it we both like, still...


  1. I think the reason Daniel likes this picture is because of the juxtaposition of contentment on the left and angst on the right...all the while being watched over by a mother who loves both equally!!!! Am I right!!!

  2. well said Odells..(betcha Anna was missing Andy here too:)) good job,'s fun having a real photographer in the fam !

  3. i think that's probably alot of it. there's just SO much emotion in this picture. yeah, I love it :)